Statehouses Project: Ohio

Today, while en route from Michigan to Washington, DC with a car full of everything I own, I made a quick stop. I have pledged to go on an architecture pilgrimage to visit all 50 state capitol buildings in the U.S. It’s clear that some state houses were closely modeled after the U.S. Capitol (which I can see from afar on my daily commute), while others only took some inspiration and others went in a completely different direction. I want to assess how local styles changed them, or didn’t.

This will also achieve a secondary goal to visit all 50 states, of which I have only done 26 as of the date of this entry.

Here’s the exterior:

1 of 50.

Me inside. When I have 50 of these I’ll put them into a gallery.

Inside the House Chamber (neither house was in session at the time):

Next Statehouse visit: New Mexico


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