First glimpses of APA 2012 in Los Angeles

We are well into Day 3 of the American Planning Association conference in downtown Los Angeles. If you aren’t here, I will write up a few posts to point out some highlights. And if you are here but missed the Saturday presentation on my master’s project, I’ve published the slides here:

Building a Greener Flint: Education Meets Energy Saving at the Urban Alternatives House

We’ve also had an opportunity to get out and see the city under beautiful mild weather. Sorry to hear that the East Coast is having an April heat wave, but it turned out to be a great time to be on the road.

Some photos:

Billboard in the making

We found this installation on the way to lunch. If you ever watched The Price Is Right, remember the Pathfinder game? It required the contestant to start on a numbered square with the first digit in the price of a car, then move to an adjacent square with the next digit, and so on. This was a mix between that and the light-up sidewalk in Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean video. 


J.W. Marriott, one of the host hotels, dwarfed by the Ritz-Carlton.

Tomorrow I’ll be attending a mobile workshop in West Hollywood. Their planning division will show us how they’ve achieved an extraordinarily high residential density while maintaining a livable city. Expect posts on that and on closing thoughts on the conference in future entries.


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