At Greenbuild and ready to go

I’ve arrived in San Francisco mostly free of work tasks and am ready for Greenbuild. Ever since June, when I served as a reviewer for potential sessions, I have been anticipating the opportunity to be in the same space as the many other folks presenting, attending, and exhibiting. A major personal milestone since that time is that I now work in the field of housing and community development, at an employer committed to better affordable housing for all. I’m enthusiastic about this work and I’m glad to be around others that share the passion.

With that change in mind, I’m looking for the intersections of greening the built environment with the twin objectives of housing equity and creating high-quality residences. If you are here at Greenbuild, I look forward to chatting with you about how these goals do and do not parallel one another, and how we might improve that. Leave a comment if that’s you. If you aren’t in San Francisco but are interested in these topics, be sure to follow this blog and my Twitter account for updates in words and photos.


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