I am an urban planner and a believer in American cities, large and small. I work for Enterprise Community Partners and recently worked for the US Environmental Protection Agency, NADO, and the Urban Land Institute but all views expressed here are my own.

I’m using this blog to chronicle my thoughts on what municipal leaders, developers and city residents are doing well and what they could do better to make great communities. Planning is truly a long-term endeavor, and worth the time and effort it takes. Follow along.



2 responses to “About

  1. Thanks for liking my posts, and for following my blog, fellow Jonathan!
    Urban planning is of great interest to me too, unfortunately I don’t have a formal background on the topic but perhaps my curiosity arose from living in East Asia over the past few years.
    Have you analyzed various cities and conurbations in that part of the world too? It must be a banality by now, but China alone adds a new chapter to the study of this field every day…

    • Thanks for your comment! I am mostly a US specialist, which reflects my work. I expect to post a few times in the next month so stay tuned to get a better sense of my interests.

      But there are a great deal of other places where I’d love to visit and learn more about how cities do and don’t work. China is certainly on that list, but so are Brazil, Mexico, the EU, and Russia so it may be a while before I get there.

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