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Happy New Year from Plannerthon

Happy New Year from Plannerthon

Improving the communities where we live is what planning is all about. I spend a lot of my time, both in the day job and outside of it, honing best practices in planning and trying to improve them. I look forward to another year of sharing thoughts about how we can best do that, and hope you will continue to engage with me here.

Pictured: the entrance to the Dwan Light Sanctuary at the United World College-USA, Montezuma, New Mexico


Welcome to my blog

I’m glad you’re here. You’re reading this because you may already know me in person, or more likely you have encountered me on Twitter, elsewhere on the internet, or met me at a conference.

Why am I starting this in 2011? This is at least the fourth blog I’ve had, including a previous professional blog on the digital humanities hub HASTAC and two personal blogs. However, since I joined the planning field, I’ve only posted my thoughts on the profession on Twitter and was looking for a place to write in greater depth. Since I’ve been blogging for almost ten years, you can expect that I will post frequently, respond to comments and build a robust blogroll.

I envision this as a place to write original content and occasionally repost others’, with permission. You can expect to see essays, photos, news and my analysis of it, event announcements and anything I else I find interesting (it is my blog, after all). Themes will include urbanism, planning, and best practices in (re)creating city spaces by municipal leaders, real estate developers and individuals. Some of this content will come from my professional experience, and others from my experience living in and visiting cities. Expect me to express my opinions, especially strong ones.

That said, I’m curious what you’d like to see here. Comments are always open.